Dining 08.04.22

Hoags Corners Volunteer Fire Company Breakfast

Hoags Corners Volunteer Fire Company is having a  breakfast Sunday, August 7th.

The St. Jude’s Knights of Columbus Chicken Barbecue 

Drive Thru/Take Out. Friday August 26, 2022 4pm – 6pm. Cost $15 per Dinner

Last Day to Order is Sunday, August 21, 2022

Dinner Includes: 1/2 Chicken, Baked Potato, Corn on the Cob, Coleslaw, Roll, and a Brownie.

Pre-order by Calling or Texting Jack Rogers, 518-857-0424.

Prepared by Giuliano’s Catering.

Pick Up at St. Jude’s Parking Lot, 42 Dana Avenue Wynantskill.

Glendora Vegeterian Club

What is PETA? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. We thank you for being. PETA is particularly effective in ending farm animal cruelty, exploitation of animals in sports, the fur industry, research, and entertainment. We extol PETA for the progress they have given us all in veganism. Thank you PETA for your noble progress through lawsuits,consumer boycotts, undercover investigations, brave protests, and conscience-raising education. We need you please keep up the good work. Maybe kindness will be our next breakthrough. Watch A chat with Glendora on TV in any one of 72 TV stations, Boston, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and so on to San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego, et al. 

A Chat with Glendora telephone # (518) 931-0266.


1. This year Glendora had the best cold she ever had of any year: under 20 sneezes, under 30 blowouts, zero coughs, and 40 sniffles. 

2. In the group, Mary said she was 20 years old; Pat said he was 27; Larry said he was 32; and Glendora said she was 94. 

3. A man died and went to Heaven. St. Peter asked, “why do you think you should get into Heaven?” The man said: “back on Earth I did good things.” St. Peter said, “For instance?” “There was this motorcycle gang, and they were beating up these people, and I said you can’t do that, and I kicked the motorcycle gang leader in the shins…” St. Peter said, “very brave…how long ago did this happen?” The man said, “ 5 minutes ago.”

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