Dining 06.30.22

Hoags Corners Volunteer Fire Company Breakfast Cancelled

July 3rd Breakfast has been cancelled.  We do not have enough volunteers to provide the Breakfast during the 4th of July weekend.   

Hope’s Kitchen Free Community Dinner Thursday July 7

Hope’s Kitchen, a ministry of Hope Lutheran Church and Cornerstone Community Church of Lansingburgh, is offering a free take-out only dinner on Thursday, July 7th from 3 to 6 PM at Cornerstone Church, 570 3rd Avenue in Troy. Reservations must be in by Friday, July 1st. Call (518) 235-3851 to let us know what time you would like to pick up your dinners, what your choice of pudding is — chocolate or vanilla, and how many dinners you need.

On the menu this month: Chicken leg and thigh, Corn on the cob, Cole slaw, Rolls & butter. For dessert, your choice of Chocolate or Vanilla pudding. Dinners are curb-side only. Free-will donations are gratefully accepted.

Glendora Vegeterian Club

Glendora put an ad in the Advertiser and on Craigs List to rent a room to somebody. The woman who called in answer to the ad was desperately in need of a room and a job. Her story was pitiful. Her belongings had been stolen, and she was put on a bus to stay with friends. So Glendora decided to get the woman to Nassau where Glendora could keep her safe and find her a room, then get her a job. We looked at the bus schedule for Albany to the Senior Center in Schodack. The only time we could find was a bus leaving Albany at 6:45 am, arriving at 7:15 am in Schodack. Glendora asked friend A if she could pick up the woman and bring her to Nassau. Glendora told Friend A about the woman’s circumstances, and Friend A said she would look into finding someone who could take her to a shelter. Glendora preferred to ask Friend B to do the pickup and bring the woman to Nassau. Friend B immediately agreed. So Glendora went to sleep that night happy that the woman would be rescued.

 The next morning, Saturday, June 18th, Friend B and the woman did not arrive until 9 am. The woman said she went to the bus station, but there was no bus, so she emailed Friend B who drove to Albany (29 miles!) and brought the woman to Glendora’s apartment. Glendora planned to buy a sleeping bag and let her sleep on Glendora’s floor. Giving her a job would be no problem. Glendora could hire her.

 At 10:00 that morning, Glendora asked the woman to make signs saying “looking for a room to rent.” She sent the woman to post the signs at the library, Stewart’s and the post office. Meanwhile Friend B returned to Happy House 3 and told Glendora that the woman had left her shoes in Friend B’s car. This meant that the woman had walked to the village in her stocking feet. Friend B then checked her email and learned that the woman was waiting at “the yellow gas station.”

 At this point Glendora decided not to go through with her plan. She never again heard from the woman or Friend B, and she is sorry that she failed to bring the rescue to a successful conclusion.

 518-931-0266, achatwithglendora@nullgmail.com.

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