Dining 06.23.22

Glendora Vegeterian Club

Thanks to the Advertiser for the good you do us every week!

Glendora’s husband, Franklyn Fuller Buell, as a reporter for the Buffalo Evening News, respected John Lindsay for his noble attempts to do the best for NYC as its mayor in 1970. Consequently, Franklyn wrote a poem about him. Glendora was very pleased at Franklyn’s initiative and sent the poem to Mary Lindsay. This poem was published in the Buffalo Evening News. We were jubilant when we received a letter from Mrs. Lindsay at Gracie Mansion thanking Franklyn for the poem.

 My friend Sandy telephoned and asked what she could bring me for dinner, then on my phone she heard people in the background talking, so she asked if she should bring them some food, too. She asked Glendora, “ How many people are you anticipating eating?” Glendora said, “ I am not anticipating eating any people tonight.” 

(518) 931-0266, email AChatwithGlendora@nullgmail.com.

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