Dining 02.11.21

Glendora Vegetarian Club

Since 1976 Farm Animals Rights Movement (FARM) has been protecting animals and advocating for veganism with great heroism. This group of valiant animal activists operates out of the vicinity of Washington, D.C., where they can help animals with federal legislation. Through all media outlets, FARM strives to end the use of animals as food, thereby doing people as much good as they do animals. If you observe animal abuse, report it to local authorities or call an animal rights group. Two such organizations are PETA (757-622-7382) and Mercy for Animals (866-632-6446, option 4). Meanwhile Glendora Vegetarian Club continues to spend its money on alerting people during the 6:30 p.m. CBS Channel 6 News to go vegan.

Next week the United Nations wants to talk to you about legumes. Freya Dinshah of American Vegan Society is preparing an article to help you with this topic.


1. Ed says that his wife babies her car. It won’t go anywhere without a rattle.

2. Bill says he just bought a used car. He does not know how old it is, but the odometer is in Roman numerals.

3. Why should IBM and Good Year Rubber merge? So they can manufacture a computer that can make snap decisions.

4. Is your husband active in church? Yes, he fidgets, wiggles and squirms.

5. The boss is temperamental: 50% temper and 50% mental.

~ The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization praises Peas, Beans, & Lentils–collectively called “pulses” in much of the world, but “legumes” in the United States. World Pulses Day, in February, encourages their use.

Important for food security, varieties of legumes grow around the world. They fix nitrogen into the soil benefitting themselves and, when intercropped, other food plants. Easily grown and relatively cheap, they store easily without refrigeration.

As a premier source of protein–low in fat, and with no cholesterol–they excel, and promote heart health. The carbohydrates in legumes are absorbed slowly making them a good choice as a steady source of energy. Their fiber keeps the bowels regular and dilutes toxins in the body helping ward off cancer.  Legumes are excellent sources of B vitamins (including folate) and minerals (iron, potassium, selenium).

There are many ways to enjoy beans: in soups, salads, main dishes, burgers, dips, and pâtés. In America, people use canned beans for convenience, but using fresh, in season, or dry beans is traditional and economical. Make a comforting pot of warm vegetable-bean soup today!

Soak dry beans overnight, drain, rinse, then cook with water to cover until they are very soft. If not part of your diet now, eat small portions two or three times a week until your system learns to handle them. Start with the quicker-cooking split peas and lentils, which do not require presoaking and cook in 45 minutes or so.

Beans are often cooked with kombu (a seaweed), and ground seeds such as caraway, fenugreek, celery, fennel. Add lemon juice (vitamin C) to optimize iron absorption. Cook with onions, garlic, and leafy greens. Flavor with herbs and spices. Add salt at the end of cooking.

Soybeans are highest in protein. They also require the longest cooking time. It is easier to use soy as soymilk, tofu, or tempeh.

Health Benefits of Pulses 2016 FAO download available. For recipes and nutrition information, visit americanvegan.org.

Contact Glendora’s Vegetarian Club at 518 931-0266 in Albany NY.

Come to St. Henry’s Knights of Columbus Great Spaghetti Dinner

AVERILL PARK – The Knights of Columbus at St. Henry’s Church on Old Route 66 in Averill Park will be holding a spaghetti dinner on Saturday, February 13th. This will be a DRIVE- THROUGH- TAKE -OUT ONLY.

We will be serving spaghetti, meatballs, salad, and bread. The price of the dinner is $8.00 for adults, $3 for children under 12, or $15 per family (2 adults with children).

Pick-up time begins at 4:30 pm though 6:00 pm. We would greatly appreciate early pre-orders between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm the day of the dinner by calling (518) 674-5941. Walk-ins are also welcome. Thank you for your support.

We will be wearing face coverings and social distancing will be practiced. For more information, call 674-3965.

Daytona 500 Clambake at the Wynantskill American Legion

WYNANTSKILL – We will be holding an indoor clambake on Daytona 500  Sunday, February 14th. Seating is limited to the first 30 ticket buyers. For $20, you will get clams, chicken, sausage, and red potatoes. Serving time will be 3pm, and this will be an in-house dining event only with no take out available. The deadline to order will be noon Thursday 2/11. Please contact Greg at 518-813-3185 to get your ticket now! All proceeds to benefit our Wreaths Across America fund drive for 2021.

Gilead’s Body & Soul Pantry & Free Community Dinner

CENTER BRUNSWICK – Now that we have reached February it should mean we are much closer to Spring and warmer weather. We may not be able to give you warmer weather, but we are able to warm your honey’s heart. This month our menu will be Chicken Parm, Ziti, Salad, and Dessert. Just give your honey an I O U on Valentine’s Day with the Promise of a nice dinner on Feb. 25th. Unfortunately, we are still limited to take outs only.

Again, the date is February 25th and our hours are from 3:00-6:00 PM at Gilead Lutheran Church, located at the intersection of Routes 7 & 278 in Center Brunswick, NY.

We encourage you to call Lisa at 518-279-3576 to order your pantry items. By doing this she and her workers can have your order ready for you.

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