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Sand Lake Garden Club 25th Anniversary Tree Planting in Butler Park Saturday Oct 19 at 11 AM

This Saturday October 19 at 11 AM join the Sand Lake Garden Club (established 1994) and Town Council members Andy Bulmer and Dee Erickson in celebrating the SLGC’s 25th Anniversary! Meet at the Butler Park pavilion for morning refreshments and walk along the first section of the proposed park walking path to the tree planting site by the playground. The public and all community service/education groups are invited. The young kousa dogwood planting symbolized the SLGC’s 85 members’ dedication to ‘education, inspiration and belonging through nature’. Join us for an ‘autumn-licious’ morning! Free food and plants.

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Defreestville FD October Update

Did you know October got its name from the Latin word “Octo”, meaning eight? October was originally the eighth month of the Roman calendar. While a lot has changed since those times, the Defreestville Fire Department (DFD) has remained committed to our public safety mission.

In fact, next year the DFD will celebrate our 75th anniversary of incorporation. We have continuously responded to calls for service since our incorporation and in September we responded a total of 39 times for service, including two structure fires. This brings our Year-to-Date total to 487.

October also brings National Fire Prevention Week. The theme this year is “Not every hero wears a cape. Plan and Practice your Escape”. DFD will be participating in many different fire prevention awareness events at local schools and community events.

While emphasizing fire prevention for the community, the DFD also emphasizes preparedness for fire responses by our volunteers. This tradition of volunteer public safety is as old as the country itself. If there’s a fire burning you, please visit our website or message us at our Facebook page to learn more about joining our department and contributing to the volunteer tradition.

We’ve had the honor of having many members contribute to the volunteer tradition throughout our history. In 2019, three of our members names will be recalled once again during the Rensselaer County Emergency Services Memorial Service. Those individuals include Past Chiefs John Nato and Ray Swart, as well as Captain Steve Krill. Their service, and that of their families, will always be appreciated and never forgotten.

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Boy Scout Troop 41 goes to Jersey Jam

Boy scout troop 41 from East Greenbush participated in the Jersey Jam at Waterloo Village in New Jersey this past weekend. Activities held were ATV riding, mountain bike, Iron Man competition, Tomahawk and knife throwing, Artificial intelligence and robotics, Glass Blowing, Black powder and large caliber handgun shooting, rock climbing and fishing. Evening show with live band and fireworks.

Shown in picture D. Cicchino and Bret McIntyre, Guenter Jaeger, Aiden Peverly, Jacob Curtis, Caleb Curtis, Chris Kenneally.

France Magnifique

La Fédération Franco-Américaine du NY is sponsoring a trip to France, featuring the 75th Anniversary of D-Day & Normandy, April 23 – May 7, 2020. Rates include round trip air from New York, air taxes and fees/surcharges, hotel transfers, and 20 meals. Highlights of the trip: Paris, River Seine cruise, Normandy, Omaha Beach, Le Mont St. Michel, Loire Valley, 2-night Chateau stay, winery tour, Lyon, Les Halles de Lyon, Paul Boscuse Market, Avignon, Creme Brûlée Cooking demonstration, Nice, Monaco. Plenty of time to explore on your own. For more information, pricing or a brochure, call Lisa at Plaza Travel at 518-785-3338 or

Rensselaer County Recovery Helpline


Do you need help with substance use issues? Are you interested in volunteering for the helpline? The Rensselaer County Recovery Helpline offers information, local resources, and referrals for individuals and their families regarding substance use issues. The toll-free line is available 7 days a week from 9am-9pm. Each volunteer chooses shifts of 4 hours at a time to be on-call. When someone calls the number, a volunteer answers on their own smartphone, and can enter information to a database on their own computer, allowing for easy and quick access to resources. The information is sent to one of the 9 leaders, who will then assist the caller. If you or someone you know needs information, resources, or a referral for a substance use problem, call 1-833-467-3123. For more information, or if you are interested in volunteering, contact

Letters to the Editor

Note from the Advertiser; The below articles ran in error to our policy. They are being left up for reference. Future Letters to the Editor endorsing or showing support for political candidates are not eligible for free publication via our article submissions.

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Schodack Town Board Failure

The current Schodack Town Board has failed it’s community by putting businesses over several communities and our desire to live in peace and repose in our own homes! Supervisor Harris refuses to update an antiquated 25 year old noise ordinance that begins at midnight and allows anyone to create as much noise as they want. The Schodack Police Department can not force anyone to turn down their noise even if it enters others dwellings many yards away until midnight. This is not the balance Supervisor Harris talked about. If the town board is not working for all citizens, then it is time to remove these individuals regardless of political party. Mike Martin is a candidate who has listened to my (and many neighbors) concerns about this failure. Residents should vote for those who will protect them and allow businesses to function. Dan Grandinetti also acknowledges this is an issue and deserves credit addressing this. Our US Constitution’s Preamble states, “insure domestic Tranquility.” This is what the town board should be guarantee for all citizens!

Scott Burdick


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Good News for North Greenbush

Bravo to North Greenbush which just submitted a budget proposing a 3% property tax decrease for the third year in a row! This was done through sound money management and a goal of government serving the people instead of the other way around. Through fiscal discipline they have avoided the temptation to spend ‘extra’ money on frivolous or self serving things. What a contrast to NYS government which is running a huge deficit and has resorted to trying to raise money by legalizing gambling, drugs, prostitution and by forcing people to buy new license plates even if the old one was ok. Joe Bott has pledged to continue this sound fiscal management in North Greenbush and that’s why we need to elect him in November.

Joseph Kruczlnicki


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Is the Dunn dump safe for nearby children?

The matter of safety at and near the Dunn dump in Rensselaer is of paramount importance. Dump operators repeatedly assert the dump is safe. The NYS Health Department has said nothing I am aware of about safety. The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has sent mixed messages.

In an August 25 news article, Albany Times Union reporter Rick Karlin quoted from a DEC statement as follows: “The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is committed to working with partners at the State Health Department (DOH) and the community to reconfirm that air surrounding the Dunn landfill is safe.”

Nine local residents including me met for two hours with four top DEC staff at their Albany office on September 18 about the dump. I asked DEC, “If the dump is safe, why are people getting sick from dump operations?” One of the DEC men replied: “We [DEC] do not say the dump is safe. We are not medical professionals. We work with the state health department.”

So which is it? Is the dump safe or not? Is it safe for small children who live and attend school nearby? Hundreds of comments have been posted on since June, many from people who say dump odors are literally making them ill. Are DEC and the state health department working together on the dump or not? If these two state agencies are working to “reconfirm” the air surrounding the dump is safe, how and when did they first confirm that it is? Where is their report that confirms the dump or the air surrounding it is safe?

These are important questions and we need honest answers from state government leaders including Governor Cuomo. Dump owners hope to keep their growing dump open well past 2030. The dump is located right next to the Rensselaer public school buildings.

Tom Ellis


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