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Community 03.21.19

Defreestville Firefighters recognized for service

Every month, the Defreestville Fire Department convenes a regular meeting to discuss company business and address various things taking place within the membership.

At the regular March meeting, we recognized the following firefighters for their length of service:

35 years of service – Past Chief Robert Durivage and Firefighter Jeffrey Stehr.

30 years of service – Past Chief Ray Swart and Firefighter Bart Galligan

20 years of service – Firefighter Erik Denny

5 years of service – Firefighter Erik Hopkins

Furthermore, the Defreestville Fire Department admitted FF Denny as a Life Member.

We thank these members and their families for their outstanding dedication to the fire department and commitment to the North Greenbush community we protect.

Volunteer firefighters give their community a little more. The firehouse becomes a home as you share a special kind of camaraderie with fellow selfless individuals you serve with. Experience the sister- and brotherhood for yourself. Serve with neighbors, make new friends, and help your community together by joining the firefighting family.

To learn more, please visit our website at and click on “Become A Member” to fill out an application.  You can also visit the DFD Facebook page at and send us a message inquiring about membership!


Hoosick Falls volunteer with NY Guard state defense force receives promotion

LATHAM, NY — Major General Raymond F. Shields, the Adjutant General for the State of New York, announces recent promotions for members of the New York Guard state defense force for their continuing commitment to serve community, state and nation as part of New York State’s Military Forces.

Mark W Folgert from Hoosick Falls, N.Y., serving with the New York Guard Headquarters, received a promotion to the rank of chief warrant officer 2. during a recent unit training event.

The New York Guard is a force of 500 uniformed volunteers, organized as a military unit, who augment the New York National Guard during state emergencies. They provide administrative and logistics support to the National Guard.

The New York Guard, which is one of 23 state defense forces around the country, is authorized to recruit just over 1,000 volunteers organized into units located across New York. Currently there are 600 New Nork Guard members.


East Side Seniors

Our next meeting will be on March 26, starting at 1:00. Meetings are held at the American Legion Post in Wynantskill. Team six will be our lunch host/hostess. We need Bocce players or subs to play Monday mornings at 9:00 at the ICC. If you would like to join us, contact a member of our group. We welcome possible members at our meetings. Don’t forget starting in June, and for the summer months, we will meet ONLY ONCE A MONTH.



FYI Sand Lake

The Town prevailed in all three lawsuits regarding our town zoning code. I appreciate everyone’s efforts in defending our right to provide reasonable governance over land use.

This month’s agenda emphasized the importance our Town Board places on necessary capital projects. The “Request for Proposals” for engineering design services for the culvert replacement on Second Dyke Road was made public with responses due back by March 26.

Associated with this project was a resolution for engineering services regarding the sewer line that runs over Burden Lake. This line breached a few years ago and cost the Town over $7,000 to repair. By obtaining information on the level of effort and the amount of money needed, the Town Board can then decide how we proceed. No matter what, the Town will have to invest money into that sewer line. This resolution in no way is meant to enlarge the culvert size. I believe this is money well-spent and allows us to be a pro-active, rather than reactive government.

In just a few weeks, Kay’s Restaurant will be open. We are proud of this iconic pizza venue. However, the Town Board has struggled for years with the dilemma of not interfering with Kay’s business while ensuring that the residents who live there can access their property.

To ensure safety, Local Law #2 was introduced. This proposed law will mandate no parking along the entire length of Walsh Lane, declaring it a tow-away zone. A public hearing will occur at our next workshop meeting on March 27th. We will tow cars illegally parked on the streets surrounding Kays including Second Dyke Road near Kay’s, Glen Royale Drive, and Evergreen Drive. Our Highway Department will place “No Parking” and “Tow Away Zone” signs on these roads so no one is surprised about being towed.

On a happy note, I know that Spring is coming when our Highway Department starts discussing road cleaning and Joel Hunt, our Highway Foreman, tells me that there is no snow predicted over the foreseeable future. I can be reached at Town Hall if you have any questions or concerns.

~Nancy Perry

Sand Lake Town Supervisor



Legislature Pass 3 Resolutions Pertaining to NYS Budget

Chairman Michael Stammel announced that three resolutions calling on Governor Cuomo and the NYS Senate and Assembly to make changes to the State budget passed unanimously at the March meeting of the Legislature.

The first resolution called on the Governor and the Legislature to restore Aid and Incentives to Municipalities (AIM) funding in the State budget. The Governor proposed cutting nearly $60 million from the funding that supports budgets in towns and villages. After facing opposition to the cuts, the Governor proposed creating a new “Internet Sales Tax” to offset his cuts.

Next, the Legislature urged the State to reimburse counties for newly adopted changes to the election process.

“We are now being required to open and operate an early voting center for 10 days before Election Day and mandated to buy up to $300,000 worth of new electronic polling books that we have not budgeted for”, said Chair of Finance Robert Loveridge.

The third resolution urges Governor Cuomo to not cut Medicaid reimbursements to counties. The $550 million in Medicaid cuts would reduce the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program by $75 million and result in a 0.8% cut to reimbursements to Medicaid providers.

“These cuts to Medicaid payments will hurt our volunteer ambulance crews that work on very limited funding and provide critical services in our rural areas”, said Legislator Scott Bendett.

“These Medicaid cuts would reverse the State’s investment in critical services to the elderly and those with developmental disabilities”, said Legislator Todd Tesman.

“The Legislature majority will do what we can to urge lawmakers in Albany to not hurt taxpayers in Rensselaer County. Requiring counties to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of new electronic election equipment, long after our budget was passed, is unfair”, said Chairman Michael Stammel.

The Legislature also renewed a maintenance contract for the GPS system that tracks county vehicles. The system has saved over one thousand gallons of fuel, reduced vehicle speeds, and helped improve vehicle maintenance.

As always, we can be reached at (518) 270-2880.

~Submitted by Chairman Michael Stammel


Town of North Greenbush looking for Volunteers

The Town of North Greenbush is seeking a Town resident who wishes to volunteer to serve on a committee to make recommendations on a local law governing shared driveways and flag lots. A background in planning, zoning, land use or emergency services is desirable but not required. Please send a statement of interest to Councilwoman Mary Frances Sabo


Monthly Column from Assemblyman Jake Ashby

Our local municipalities are our front line of government and provide the necessary services for each of us to go about our daily lives. As your State Assemblyman, I am committed to providing the necessary resources and support to our local municipalities to make our communities the strongest they can possibly be.

Over the past weeks, I held a series of forums bringing together the mayors and supervisors of our district’s municipalities. These forums gave me unique insight into many of the issues facing our local communities; notably the burdensome state mandates that drive up our local property taxes, the lack of funding for our roads and bridges, the need for expanded broadband internet and cell service and the challenges facing our emergency services. Armed with this information, I have begun drafting a series of bills which will solve many of the issues our localities face and make our local municipalities stronger than ever.

We are also in the midst of budget negotiations at the State Assembly. I am confident that the work my colleagues and I have done advocating for upstate NY will bring much needed funding to our local communities.

Also, with spring finally here, I want to make sure to recognize the great work done by our state, county and local road crews in handling what was a challenging winter with the frequent temperature changes.

Lastly, you should have received my legislative survey in the mail. I would appreciate your sincere feedback so that I can best represent your ideas in Albany. If you have any questions about the survey or any other topic, please don’t hesitate to call (518) 455-5777 or email me at

~Submitted by Assemblyman Jake Ashby




Calendar for Everett Wagar Senior Center

Cindy Mattison, Director 518-279-3413

March 25 Haircuts by Appt
10:00 Chair Yoga
12:00 Congregate Lunch (Pork Chops)
12:30 Scrapbooking
1:00 Cards and Games

March 26 Reiki by Appt
9:30 Aerobic Swimming
12:00 Congregate Lunch (Pot Luck)
1:00 Card and Games

March 27 Transportation Available
10:00 Chair Yoga
11:00 Craft time (Sign up)
12:00 Congregate Lunch (Sloppy Joe)
1:00 Pot Holder Bingo
1:00 Cards and Games

March 28 Reiki by Appt
9:30 Aerobic Swimming
9:30 Quilters
12:00 Congregate Lunch (Crustless Chicken Pot Pie)
1:00 Cards and Games

March 29 Transportation Available
10:00 Chair Yoga
12:00 Special Lunch (Pollock Fillet)
1:00 Cards / Games

April 1 Haircuts by Appt
10:00 Chair Yoga
12:00 Congregate Lunch
12:30 Scrapbooking
1:00 Cards and Games

April 2 Reiki by Appt
9:30 Aerobic Swimming
12:00 Congregate Lunch
1:00 Card and Games

April 3 Transportation Available
10:00 Chair Yoga
12:00 Congregate Lunch
12:30 BINGO w Kelly from CNR
1:00 Cards and Games

April 4 Reiki by Appt
9:30 Aerobic Swimming
12:00 Congregate Lunch
12:30 Knit/Crochet
1:00 Cards and Games

April 5 Transportation Available
10:00 Chair Yoga
11:00 Grafton Membership meeting
12:00 Special Lunch
1:00 Cards / Games


St. Lawrence University Students Named to Dean’s List

CANTON, NY — The following students have been selected for inclusion on the Dean’s List for academic achievement during the Fall 2018 semester at St. Lawrence University.

Zachary E. Larkin of West Sand Lake. Larkin is a member of the Class of 2021.

Stephanie A. Merwin of Hoosick Falls. Merwin is a member of the Class of 2022.

Michael T. Rienzo of Troy. Rienzo is a member of the Class of 2022.

Cameran F. Schwarz of West Sand Lake. Schwarz is a member of the Class of 2021.

Jacob L. Snyder of Sand Lake. Snyder is a member of the Class of 2022.

To be eligible for the Dean’s List, a student must have completed at least four courses and have an academic average of 3.6 based on a 4.0 scale for the semester.


Kayla Dethomasis participates in the Cedar Crest College 2019 Sophomore Expedition

ALLENTOWN, PA — Dozens of Cedar Crest College students traveled to Athens, Greece recently, as part of the Carmen Twillie Ambar Sophomore Expedition.

The Sophomore Expedition is a guaranteed study abroad program. In the spring semester of their sophomore year, students participate in a series of classes to prepare them for the trip. Then they spend 8-10 days traveling as a class to an international destination where they participate in a number of service activities. Kayla Dethomasis of East Greenbush, NY was part of the trip to Greece.

The Sophomore Expedition is part of Cedar Crest nEXt, an initiative that helps to prepare students for life after college.



February 2019 Algonquin Middle School Warriors of the Month

Each month teachers at Algonquin Middle School recognize students who demonstrate outstanding citizenship and work habits.

Students are selected for these honors based on the Algonquin “Warrior Way,” a set of three guiding principles that focus on respect for self and others, putting forth personal best effort in all activities and working to make our school and community a better place each day.

Congratulations go out to the students listed below for their outstanding contributions to the Algonquin Middle School community during the month of February:

Grade 6 Warrior Wall Students:
Kayleigh Ahern
Tyler Bushey
Liam Fitch
Declan Flanigan
Hailie Lucier
Sophie Miller
Ayla Morse
Jacob Phelps
Jasmine Scribner
Lillian Wohlleber

Grade 7 Warriors of the Month Students:
Brady Battista
Laney Brown
Cavan Hicks
Lila Gazoorian
Thomas Shanahan
Paige Weidman

Grade 8 Warrior Way Students:
Abigail Alberino
Emily Bradley
Tyler Kalinowski
Natalea LeFrancois
Maxwell Miller
Jason Strickland


Quwabe Rose immersed in South African culture, history during trip

ONEONTA, NY — Quwabe Rose, of Troy, NY, traveled with three other SUNY Oneonta art students to South Africa over spring break for a week of academic and cultural exchange with students at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, where Nelson Mandela once studied.

Working closely with Wits University host students and host faculty member, Dr. Alison Kearney, SUNY Oneonta students were able to develop a greater understanding of identity politics, social justice, and human rights through art and creative research and applied-service learning activities at the Wits University, Wits Art Museum, and Play Africa, a non-profit community organization that serves families and children from disadvantage backgrounds.

The students were led by SUNY Oneonta Art History lecturer Dr. Pearlie Baluyut and her collaborator, Kearney, who visited SUNY Oneonta in the fall to give a Curator Talk in Baluyut’s “Art of the 20th Century” course.

Rose is studying Digital & Studio Art at SUNY Oneonta.

Baluyut said the trip “provided the students with a critical and humbling view of a global landscape filled with lessons and opportunities.”

“With first-hand knowledge and an unforgettable international experience,” Baluyut said, “the American and South African students are in a better position to serve as advocates of mutual cooperation and catalysts of global (ex)change to ensure a kinder future for themselves and the generations to come.”


Lillian Snyder travels to Korea to study peace

ONEONTA, NY — Lillian Snyder of Eagle Bridge, NY, was one of five SUNY Oneonta students who traveled to Seoul, South Korea over spring break for a short-term cultural immersion program called “The Philosophies of Peace,” which let them explore philosophical, cultural, social, religious and historical aspects of various conceptions of, and issues surrounding, the notion of peace.

Snyder is studying Psychology at SUNY Oneonta.

Accompanied by SUNY Oneonta philosophy adjunct professor Daniel Patrone, the students visited Confucian Temples to learn about Confucian philosophy and its enduring place in Korean culture. They met with monks at a Buddhist temple to learn about Buddhist thought, practice and temple life. And they examined issues in political and international justice as they visited the DMZ, where students toured the Demilitarized Zone; learned about the history and current political situation involving North and South Korean relationships and U.S. and Chinese involvement in these; and met and spoke with a North Korean defector about life in North Korea, his experiences defecting, and the prospects of a stable and lasting peace in the region.

In concert with the college’s partnering institution there, students also visited Sungkyunkwan University to meet with students and faculty and attend philosophy classes with their Korean peers. In the evening, students from SKKU hosted SUNY students at a traditional Korean BBQ for a chance to learn more about each other and to develop new friendships.


Troy Student Named to NYIT Presidential Honor List

OLD WESTBURY, NY — Donald Graham of Troy was named to the New York Institute of Technology Fall 2018 Presidential Honor List.

Graham, who is studying Architecture, was among 1,046 students named. To qualify, candidates must be full-time students enrolled in a degree program with a GPA of 3.7 or higher.


Yohann Monpoeho studies healthcare policy in Washington, D.C.

ONEONTA, NY — Yohann Monpoeho of East Greenbush, NY traveled with 12 other students and several faculty members to Washington, D.C. over spring break to meet with influential players and policymakers in the healthcare industry.

Monpoeho is studying Economics at SUNY Oneonta.

The students visited the National Archives to view the original Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution; explored the American Museum of the American Indian; attended History Makers: Women & the 116th Congress, and heard from newly elected representatives, political consultants and scholars on panels hosted by The Hill news outlet at Gallup offices.

They also attended an event at the Army/Navy club organized by SUNY Oneonta’s Office of Alumni Engagement. The group was hosted by John Kaelin ’77, an alumnus and senior advisor for Centene Corporation, a healthcare enterprise that provides services to government-sponsored healthcare programs, focusing on underinsured and uninsured individuals.


News from Averill Park CSD

Congratulations to student-athletes Jake Bornt, Jadyn Lee and EmmaLee Morgan, who signed their National Letters of Intent to compete on the collegiate level after high school. Jake will play football at Assumption College, while Jadyn will compete in softball and EmmaLee in basketball for New York Institute of Technology.

Senior Megan Hale and her service dog, Hero, visited West Sand Lake Elementary to talk about the role of service dogs. Megan, who is visually impaired, has now spoken to students in the high school, middle school and elementary school. Great job Megan!

Six seniors in Student Government participated in a focus group held by a Capital Region law firm. Students were provided an inside look at the judicial process and were educated on pretrial work, jury selection and attorney perspective of the trial process. This is one of the many great experiences set up by our dedicated club advisors.

As always, for the latest news from the District, please visit our website – You can also follow AP on Facebook and Twitter.

~Submitted by Dr. James Franchini, Averill Park CSD Superintendent



Thrift Shop

The volunteers at the Church of the Redeemer Thrift Shop work hard to provide a clean, well-organized shopping experience. The shop has a very large selection of clothing for all sizes and ages, gently-used baby equipment, puzzles, games, jewelry, household goods, Avon collectibles, Easter decorations, PROM DRESSES.  There is sure to be something for everyone from the amazing assortment of one-of-a-kind items.

The thrift shop has earned an excellent reputation by offering quality merchandise at very reasonable prices. The shop will be open on Thursday, March 21st, from 3 to 6; and Saturday, March 23rd, from 9 to 2. Located at 1249 Third Street in Rensselaer, the building is on CDTA busline #214.  Enter through the parking lot on the Catherine Street side and be pleasantly surprised.

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