Church/Spiritual 04.22.21

Brunswick Church Wants to Pray for You!

BRUNSWICK – On Thursday May 6th, Brunswick Church invites you to adjust your usual morning route and let a “prayer drive thru” (and a free coffee!) empower your day.  This “Prayer to Go” event will run from 7 am to 7 pm at Brunswick Church on Route 351 in Brunswick. Motorists are invited to stop briefly, receive a hot cup of coffee and allow us to pray for their concerns on the spot.  Whether it’s offering God praise for recent blessings or asking for a needed miracle, a friendly face will greet you and offer to pray for a few moments before bidding you a great day in the sure knowledge that you matter to God and to people in our community. No prayer is too small or too big. In fact, no details are needed at all.  So, drive right by your usual morning coffee run, and on May 6th, let Brunswick Church make your morning (or evening) drive-thru blessed.   

Doors of Hope Food Pantry

WEST SAND LAKE – Are you in need of food? Rensselaer county residents are eligible to receive food assistance monthly from the Doors of Hope Food Pantry, located in the 43 Mall in West Sand Lake. Hours of food distribution are 9:00 A.M.- noon, Monday-Saturday. We offer a variety of food choices and assure confidentiality for all recipients. Please call to schedule your food order: 518-674-4048. We look forward to helping you. 

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