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Athlete of the Week – Rebekah Zimmerman 11/08/18

This week’s scholar athlete is Rebekah Zimmerman. Rebekah is a captain of the Girls Varsity Tennis team. Along with tennis, Rebekah runs in Indoor Track and plays for the Varsity Girls Lacrosse team. As a freshman, Rebekah tore her ACL in a JV soccer game. After the injury, Rebekah looked for a way to remain active during the Fall without enduring the “wear and tear” of soccer. While discussing her problem with her lacrosse coach, Coach Minkler, he persuaded her to play tennis. Rebekah began playing tennis her Sophomore year with Coach Minkler, who is also the JV Girls Tennis coach. Although Rebekah began playing tennis recently, she enjoys the sport like no other. “I just love the environment of tennis…the sense of community is great.” Unlike tennis, Rebekah has played lacrosse since she was very young, this is her eleventh year involved in the sport. There are challenges that come with tennis and lacrosse, yet these challenges differ between each sport. “Tennis is a difficult sport and requires a lot of precision and strategy. Having the patience to build the skills needed to play isn’t something that comes easily.” However, the efforts in lacrosse are focused on teamwork. “Most of the difficulty stems from teamwork. Everyone has to rely on one another, and constantly communicate.” Rebekah’s efforts in her sports continue into her academic career. Rebekah has maintained a GPA of 96 throughout high school. This year, she is enrolled in the New Visions Scientific Research and World Health program, where she takes a series of college level courses. Rebekah’s greatest academic achievement came last Spring when she was awarded the Key Award from Elmira College, a scholarship to the school. After applying to this college, Rebekah may attend Elmira College next year; however, she will also apply to Hamilton College to pursue biomedical research. Rebekah’s goals for her future serve as her main motivator in school. “In order to achieve what I want, I know that I have to put in the work for it.” Rebekah learned this ideal from her parents who showed her that “hard work does pay off.” Rebekah is prepared for her future after high school. The lessons she has learned through school, her sports, and her parents have readied her for college and her career. One piece of advice she gives to younger players is “not to worry so much if everything seems overwhelming at first. As time goes on, it becomes a lot easier to manage everything that’s going on, and your team can become your support system.”

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