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Ap Athlete of the Week by Xander Michaels 11.15.18

~Scholar Athlete~

Eamon Finnerty


This week’s scholar athlete is Eamon Finnerty. Eamon plays on the Boys Varsity Golf team and Varsity Lacrosse team. Eamon was introduced to golf at a young age when his father taught him the sport. Eamon has played the sport ever since and began playing for Averill Park in ninth grade. Now in his senior year, Eamon played his fourth year for Averill Park. Eamon says the most challenging aspect of golf is the struggle to “create a good swing, and then replicating it every time you approach the ball.” This year, Eamon faced this challenge as he had issues with his swing. “My scores increased dramatically, and I could barely control the ball. I spent hours in practice and at the driving range working out the problems with my swing. Finally, near the end of the season, I began to figure things out and my scores began to drop.” Eamon’s hard work was recognized at the Golf team banquet, where Eamon was awarded an Athletic Achievement Award. Eamon’s hard work is not only seen on the green, but in the classroom as well. Eamon has maintained a GPA of above 95 throughout his high school career. This achievement becomes even more impressive with the challenging course load Eamon has carried each year. In his senior year alone, Eamon is taking three Advanced Placement courses: AP Calculus, AP Government and Policy, and AP Environmental Science. In order to balance his difficult schedule, Eamon says, “I make use of the study halls I have and get as much work done in them as I can. This allows me to spend more time practicing for golf and lacrosse after school.” Through his efforts in high school, Eamon was accepted into the National Honor Society this Fall. In his future, Eamon plans to attend college, then medical school in order to become a surgeon. Eamon’s work ethic has allowed him to succeed in his sport, but he has received help from others to help him improve. He says, “my uncle was the first person to significantly help me with my golf swing. My dad has also given me several pieces of advice to help me excel.” Along with his family, Eamon looks to his teammates for motivation; “my teammates inspire me to do well in both golf and lacrosse. I don’t want to let them down.”

Eamon is clearly ready for his career after high school, we all wish him the best in his future.


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